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Facilitated Workshops

Open the gate. Enter the forest. Emerge with new insights.

All of my workshops have a story based backbone formed around Participatory Narrative Inquiry which maximises engagement, uses story to reveal the true ‘what is’ and ‘what is possible’ and enables the participants to make their own sense of what to do next.

Having worked with the cynefin framework for more than 20 years the overarching format is that of Probe-Sense-Respond.

All of this is built upon using insights from ABCD (Asset Based Community Development), Theory U, Oxford TRIZ and many more.

Bespoke Training

Engaging with the flow.

I have developed three ‘core’ training courses which I can offer as individual days or can be reshaped, combined or added to as your requirements demand.

Working with Story – Facilitation – Complex Problem Solving

Each of these are packed full of actionable insights, hands-on exercises and supported by, as you might expect, lots of teaching stories.

Advice, Coaching and Speaking

A sustainable, thriving ecosystem awaits.

I have a great deal of experience in supporting and developing bids, especially engaging with stakeholders and developing a portfolio of ideas.

I have helped to launch dozens of new initiatives, bringing people together and building a collaborative community.

I am happy to support your work in any way I can add value. I can add an interesting talk to your conference or event or even build you a WordPress site for your project as I have done for two recent University Research Initiatives.

Ron Donaldson – Host, Guide and Facilitator

Ecology of Knowledge was formed in August 2008 after Ron had completed seven years in HMRC doing Systems Analysis then 21 years at English Nature, developing systems that support Nature Conservation. He was working in Knowledge Management there when he first met Dave Snowden in 1998 who introduced him to Narrative, Complexity and Anthropology.

Huge Rural Surrey event in Woking, Surrey

No workshop or event is too big for this approach. Please get in touch if you are interested in adding some magic to your next conference, event or even just a management meeting.

Ron can be secured on a competitive daily rate or a call-off contract.

10% discount if you add an ‘environmental net gain’ benefit to your desired outcomes at the start of any event.

Fresh Water Sandpit in Alnwick for Newcastle University

Satisfied Customers include:

BAE Systems
EU FP7 Project
Girl Guides Association

Friends of the Earth
Surrey Wildlife Trust
Natural England
Fire Service

Conference session in British Library for Natural Capital Initiative



Final (for now) pitch for a new TV series. Is your house, office or community centre full of stories that get you down. If so call the PNI – SOS team now. Dressed in our matching purple shirts, and looking scruffy just like Nick Knowles used to, we are just a phone call away. We’ll […]

The Hairy Pattern Shifters

My second pitch to the BBC with a new series idea is that of the Hairy Pattern Shifters. For this I am looking for a similar complexity based facilitator who has avoided the hairdresser for the duration. This fellow hairy person (ideally from Lancashire) would partner me as we travel the UK on our motorbikes […]

Narrative ecologist emerges from lockdown

Twelve long months ago I was flying high delivering sessions on Storytelling for my old organisation, Natural England, then Lockdown. Since then I’ve tagged more online resources and bought more e-books than I can ever read, but a few stand out as influencing me more than most. Chris Corrigan and his approach to pattern shifting […]

Weak signals of the Covid-19 Pandemic from 2005

A recent request on Twitter for anyone who had run a Future Backwards exercise predicting the pandemic set me on a mission. In 2005 English Nature (where I worked) had hosted a huge Climate Change Conference on behalf of the EEAC (European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils). I was asked to run the preliminary […]

Improved communication with an emphasis on storytelling.

Earlier this year I was contracted by a large Government Organisation to design and deliver 8 one day training courses aimed at improving communication skills with an introduction to working with story and storytelling. The day was designed to be instructive, entertaining and participative. I included the importance of personal stories, the community/organisation story and […]


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