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In uncertain times the number of options, pieces of advice and temptation to panic can be overwhelming.

Complex problems, systems and situations require complex facilitation.

Since 1998, Ron Donaldson has been working with organisations, communities and individuals uncovering insights for decisions and actions in complex situations.

Just imagine being guided on a journey on which you can make sense of ‘WHAT WAS’ and ‘WHAT IS’ such that you can make informed decisions on your journey towards ‘WHAT IF’.

If you have a complex problem, system or situation which you would like to make sense of:

Actionable insight-led workshops, guiding you towards adjacent possibles.


What we Do

Plan and explore ideas and perhaps develop a bid for approval or funding.

Launch or fine tune a new or existing initiative.

Review and reflect on what lessons have been learned.

Why you should use us?

Ron is an experienced facilitator and trainer with a friendly relaxed style. He can apply a deep knowledge of complex systems, narrative and problem solving in ways that are easy to understand and apply.

Why not contact him now to discuss:

  • A facilitated workshop
  • Formal training
  • Insightful Conference sessions

From a few hours to a few days. Competitive daily rates. Discount for NHS, Govt and charities.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“workshops were extremely useful in raising awareness about what we wanted to achieve and allowed us to start developing a functional specification for what is now called The Knowledge Network.”

Fire Service

Rating: 4 out of 5.


“Interesting speaker -very amusing – fabulous stories that really made me think. For me this really demonstrated the power of stories to enhance the learning! Speaker had loads of energy, which enhanced the session.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I liked the collaborative nature of the exercises. Great session and great tips for how storytelling can benefit us”

Natural England

Ron also teaches and facilitates OXFORD TRIZ out of Oxford Creativity. TRIZ is a unique approach to innovation that uses patterns from past invention to guide future problem solving. An impressive toolbox of trends, principles and guiding strategies, turns any participatory group into creative geniuses.

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