The Great Trafalger Square Freeze

Remember that early scene on 28 Days later where they filmed parts of London completely empty of human beings, well this is something similar but involved hundreds of volunteers descending on Travalger Square. At 15:30 precisely they all froze for five minutes leaving everyone around them completely bemused and bewildered.



  1. Joe – It seems it was a ‘Facebook event’ where someone invited all his friends to join in.

    the event says “We are hoping to attract 1000 like-minded people to take part in a Improv Global mission to freeze Trafalgar Sq. for five minutes.

    This mission has been inspired by , a group that successfully froze Grand Central Station for five minutes.
    The effect of 200 people caught still, like a snap-shot confuses and surprises the general public. Once the five minutes have passed the members continue on with their acions as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The scene will be filmed by a number of crews.”

    So I guess there will be more …

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