Bat Milk – A strange attractor

Several years ago now, after a full day Steve Denning storytelling workshop, I attempted my own springboard story about a young man who came to work for English Nature and made a big difference. More about that original story in the weeks to come, but this week as I read my weekly newsletter included in my organic vegetable box from the River Nene Organic Vegetables company I was blown away by the progress from such a small start. I used to love showing a butterfly slowly descend onto my powerpoint slide before launching into the phase change that followed that original inspirational piece of work between enthusiastic ‘new boy’ and experienced farming family.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, this weeks newsletter contains an update called ‘the big idea’ written by Guy Watson of the original Riverford Farm, which I think is itself one of the most exciting and inspirational stories I have ever read. Wouldn’t it be great if every farm and every farming family member could have so much impact and achieve such beneficial environmental outcomes.


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