The perfect leaving party

I had my leaving party in the office on Thursday. Apart from all the embarassing photographs enlarged and adorning all the walls my friend Jonathan had hired one of those silk imitation fires, built up around it stones and logs and had everyone sit around it cross legged. This was a brilliant effect and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone running a big event.

He then invited them to get their revenge on me making them tell their stories over the years and instead to tell stories about me. We had a great time, lots of wine flowed, lots of stories were told and I even began to wonder why on earth I was leaving. I earned the name from a lot of my colleagues as the Hex-meister given thst wherever I turn up the room ends up full of my ‘character-dish’ carboard hexagons. All the additional comments for my leaving card were on hexagons, even the wrapping paper was hexagons.

We finished with an evening in my favourite local pub, the Brewery Tap with lots of their home, award winning , speciality Jeffery Hudson Bitter JHB being supped. A fantastic send-off


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