My son emailed me about this about a year ago and I never did watch it because it sounded far to ‘techy’. But at only 7 and a half minutes, I highly recommend it to you. Its another great video from TED talks.  You can hear the audience have their breath taken away as the implications of this short demo of Photosynth and SeaDragon begin to sink in. I really love the bit about it being “something greater than the sum of its parts emerging from the collective memory to form …” and the bit about our photographs “being automatically hyperlinked based on their content”- well take a look yourself.



  1. Loving the new site Ron, bookmarked already.

    Had you considered having the links open in a new tab or window though? It would save a lot of back-tracking – which can often lead to folk drifting off in new (interesting) directions.


  2. Thanks Ian, I finally discovered, while hotlinking a new blog that you are right, there is a user defined option to open in a new window. Thanks for the advice, I might not now lose so many visitors. Cheers, Ron

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