Vambo rool

Thinking about who really gave me my initial interest in storytelling, long before Dave Snowden and Steve Denning, it must have been sometime in 1973, Sunderland Locarno, and a then unknown group of Scots came down crossing Hadrians Wall into England to entertain us. The lead singer was unlike any of his rock star peers, he stood centre stage and opened his big book, and in a thick Glaswegian accent told us that he was “going to tell us a story”. The stories came thick and fast, Vambo, the Tomahawk kid and my favourite, the Faith Healer. Alex Harvey was his name and me and my mates saw him and the band at every gig he did in the North East. Searching Youtube I found this, rare live footage of Alex and the band, with the big book … sensational

Then if seventies rock with a hint of glam takes your fancy see my Youtube seventies channel of all my favourites from my childhood.


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