Immersing myself in Dave Snowden’s sensemaker software for the past few days (I promise a detailed, dedicated blog shortly) I have become attuned to the use of meaningful filters to access only the relevant fragments. So when I found this musicology website I was intrigued.

You can home in and define your own music universe by selecting a time span, selected music types then filters of decade, dark-positive, energetic-calm, tempo and my favourite ‘can you dance to it’. As you move your point of focus around the different domains it provides a network diagram like the one shown below that links similar tunes.

It must use Amazon and other free to air sources for its music, but this is fabulous if, like me, the more obscure it is the better. try selecting “discover less poular songs at the top left next to the magnifying glass for some real gems. I give it a 9 out of 10 rating.


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