The sugar puff boycott is still on

This week’s major story about the resignation of Kevin ‘the messiah’ Keegan reminded me of the reason why I have not eaten sugar puffs since 1996. That year Keegan appeared on TV adverts for sugar puffs and the honey monster wore Newcastle’s black and white jersey so Sunderland fans began to boycott sugar puffs. I guess it started off as a joke but it quickly built into a genuine concern for HM Foods as sales across the Sunderland area diminished.

Well, all I can say to Honey Monster Foods is don’t be to optimistic that you can start shipping your cereal back into Wearside as I have just found pictures of the sportsman on an old BBC news item who replaced Kevin in the ads …

… and a final hat tip to Chris Evans on Radio 2 on Friday evening for these revised lyrics ‘Bye bye bye messiah, why why why messiah, so before you go to walk out the door, we forgive you messiah you just couldn’t take anymore.

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