The little grey wolf will come

Showing on Sky Arts TV tonight is a Russian animation called ‘Tale of Tales’ that has been aclaimed by some as the “greatest animated film of all time”. Made by Yuriy Norshteyn,apart from the amazingly simple animation and the wonderfully evocative music score I was fascinated to read on Wikepedia that Yuriy:

attempts to structure it like a human memory. Memories are not recalled in neat chronological order; instead, they are recalled by the association of one thing with another, which means that any attempt to put memory on film cannot be told like a conventional narrative. The film is thus made up of a series of related sequences whose scenes are interspersed between each other”

This is entirely consistant with the Cognitive Edge approach and our use of Sensemaker in which we facilitate the production of, and then work with, material as narrative fragments. These fragments, associated loosely by self-signified indices, are in a ‘natural’ form,  perfect for the ‘natural’ way in which our brain takes in ‘knowledge’ then processes and ‘makes sense’ of our relationship with people, places and nature. 

Oh and I love the folklore origins of the little grey wolf:

Baby, baby, rock-a-bye
On the edge you mustn’t lie
Or the little grey wolf will come
And will nip you on the tum,
Tug you off into the wood
Underneath the willow-root.

Amazingly the entire 20 minute animation is available on Youtube in three parts:

Part one

Part two

Part three


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