One month in

Well its just over a month since I went self-employed and overall I am sure I made the right decision. At the moment I feel as if I am on the brink of so many exciting projects and initiatives but the uncertainty in my mind (not helped by the ‘recession’) occasionally makes me feel like I am continually waiting for an exam.

Working for yourself makes you worry that you have never done enough, so I find myself at all times of the day and night blogging, networking and absorbing ‘good stuff’. Speaking of good stuff my good friend Brad has been blogging his notes on business growth and marketing and I have taken heed of some of his nuggets of advice. Last week I attended a free half day seminar from ‘Business Link’ on starting up a business, which was very useful and covered all the unseen background stuff that needs to be registered and in place as you start up. This in itself helped my confidence in that I had done a lot of the ground work already.

So far I have learned to twitter, skype and blog which are in themselves achievements worth celebrating, but who with?. All our neighbours are off in the early hours of the morning leaving the road quiet and peaceful for me and my real neighbours, the sparrows, blackbirds and our robin so maybe an extra fat ball for them this morning.

Blog traffic so far has been amazingly unpredictable but has a kind of tidal flow to it, the large number of initial hits raised my standing on blogstats which made me visible to a new audience but only for a short while.

I have found that preliminary meetings to discuss requirements require a lot more effort than I expected and my instinctive nature of finding the cheapest and greenest mode of travel seems to leave me in shopping centres with four hours to kill after a lunchtime meeting. So my book collection from charity shops is growing exponentially.

Surprises – Just how many of my social contacts are in a similar self-employed situation, the number of tea bags that mount up for the compost bin and how little time I seem to have to do all the things I thought I would have time to do like learn to play the guitar, write a book and sort out all my video recordings.

Concerns – For the first time in my career I wonder whether a beard and long hair, a trendy email id and a business model that includes ‘storytelling’ inhibits or attracts new clients?


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