UNICOM Web 2.0 Conference highlights

My previous blog gives the location of the entire transcripts of the event so this is simply my personal highlights:

David G, Cathy Ma, Penny Edwards and me

David G, Cathy Ma, Penny Edwards and me

David Gurteen, who chaired the event and enforced a more social, interactive environment than most chairpersons ever do introduced us to the excellent Common Craft series of self-help videos on Youtube which are only a few minutes long.

  1. RSS in Plain English
  2. Wikis in Plain English
  3. Blogs in Plain English

See all of David’s photo stream of the event at Flickr.

Dominic Campbell who explained his role at Barnet Council and made me realise that local government can be cool and interesting and that every council should have someone like him. His great tip was the Fix my Street website where you can go and located a detailed street map of your area and pinpoint anything broken, damaged or illegal. This is then emailed within one minute to the people in youyr council responsible for its upkeep. Quite brilliant and his quote that the council were at first surprised but that it had “lowered the boundaries for engagement”. My son says he is going to become a vigilante and go out looking for repairs that need doing.

Suw Charman-Anderson who talked us through the psychological similarities between email and gambling addiction wrote this great piece for the guardian detailing her research into this fascinating area. She also talked about ‘bacon’ which is like ‘spam’ but tastier.

Marshal Manson of Edelman gave an insight into how he has engaged social networks. The idea of accountants dressed in bikinis visiting a virtual island on Second Life I found hilarious and such a rich vein for humour. Great Modern Antiquarians website that uses crowd sourcing to grow a huge resource of locations of archeologically interesting features.

Chris Vallance from Radio 4’s iPM programme pointed us towards some interesting blogs:

  1. BoingBoing a directory of wonderful things.
  2. Yahoo Pipes – to build an easy to use newsfeed
  3. iPMs own hugely interactive blog on the BBC website

Cathy Ma of Yahoo – probably  most vibrant conference speaker I have ever seen rattled through some great material connected to the Yahoo – Flickr – Wikipedia world she lives within highlights:

  1. Open Source Food website detailing hundreds of recipes and interactive improvements to them
  2. IKEA Hacker where there are tips on how to add post-its to a cheap IKEA lamp and make a new look!!
  3. Interactive projects such as 1930s-40s in Color on Flickr where users are encouraged to use and tag a collection of World War 2 images.


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