Tales to Sustain

Where are you going this weekend? I have been invited to attend a most exciting event. Four days at Cae Mabon on the foothills of Mt Snowden with 24 environmental storytellers sharing their experience, techniques and of course stories. Cae Mabon looks to be a dream location for a conference or event.

My plan is to arrive early so that I can try and bag the hogan on the right as my accomodation so I can imagine myself as a hobbit.

I am not expecting to have the internet access or the time to blog during the event but I am hoping to bring back lots of photos and ideas to post in the coming weeks.

Eric Maddern is the principal inspiration and creator of this wonderful place and I just love his quote that “this is a place built on stories”.

One person I am already keen to meet up with is Chris Holland director of Wholeland who is bringing his digeridoo and I have just learned from googling him that he once played with Hawkwind – awesome.


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