Met Students, gave lecture

Yesterday I visited the London Met University to give a talk on orgaisational storytelling to the students currently studying for their MSc in Knowledge and Information. I met their tutor, Catherine at a recent Ark-Group conference and she invited me down for a few hours. What really convinced me to accept was the Met’s cool list of alumni :Zoë Ball, Alison Moyet, and Vic Reeves,

The MSc students seem a great group and after a few of my usual stories about eating badger and repeatedly straightening rivers I got them trying out a cognitive edge technique or two. They all seemed to enjoy telling the story of KM backwards and their visions of heaven and hell were pretty consistent, hell being rather heavily influenced by the financial difficulties going on a mile or so down the road with hexxies such as “KM budget cut” and “Knowledge based industry collapses”. Finishing off with Bat Milk as an illustration of both a sprinboard story and complexity theory I hope I added a few new ideas and perspectives to their understanding of KM.



  1. I was one of those MSc students and I was greatly enthused by Ron’s approach to gathering information from which to make decisions. I found the methods non threatening and a much more interesting approach than case studies and other more formal approaches. I am going to attempt this method in my dissertation – wish me luck Ron!!

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