Top 75 Books on Sustainability and Storytelling

As per my previous posting on 50 top websites these are the top 75 books (in no particular order) on Sustainability and storytelling as recommended by attendees to the recent ‘Tales to Sustain’ gathering at Cae Mabon in early Oct 2008. (apologies for incompleteness of some of the entries)

Macdonald M R (2005) Earth Care – world folktales about our relationship to the earth, August House

Ragan K. (2006) Outfoxing fear, Norton

Bauman R. (1986) Story, performance and event, Contextual studies of oral narrative. CambridgeUniversity Press

Feld S. Basso K., eds (1996) Senses of Place, School of American Research Press

Hirsch, E., O.Hanlan, M (1995) The anthropology of landscape. OxfordUniversity Press

Caduto M. Bruhac J (1994) Keepers of the earth, keepers of life. Fulcrum Publishing, Colorado

Cornell, J. (1998) Sharing nature with children, Dawn Publications CA.

Paley V.G. (nnnn) The boy who would be a helicopter

Lawlor, R. (nnnn) Voices of the first day – awakening in the aboriginal dreamtime, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont.

Caduto, M.J. and Bruchac, J (2001) Keepers of the night, Fulcrum Inc. US

Jordan, M. (2001) The green mantle; an investigation into our lost knowledge of plants, Cassell & Co. London

McIntosh, A. (2008) Hell and High Water: Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition, Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh

Paterson, J M, (2002) Tree Wisdom. Element

Strauss, K (2006) Tales with tails: storytelling the wonders of the natural world. Libraries Unlimited. US

Paola T. (nnnn) The legend of the Indian paintbrush

Durrell G. (nnn) The fantastic flying journey

Author unknown, Celtic Fairy Tales

Miguel Ruiz, D (nnnn) The four agreements

De Spain, P. (nnnn) Eleven Nature Tales

Berry T (nnnn) Dream of the Earth, sierra Book Club

Flint, R. Mother of Pearl, PS Avalon

Meyer, K (nnnn) How to shit in the woods, ten Speed Press

Cape, J. (nnnn) The Heart of the World

0’Donohue, J. (nnnn) Anam Cara – Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic world

Chinery, M. (nnnn) Complete British Insects, Collins

Marshal, P. (nnnn) Natures Web

Reid, D. (nnnn) Guarding the three treasures

Krafel, P (nnnn) Seeing Nature

Travers, P.L (1989) What the bee knows: Reflections on myth, story and symbol, the Antiquarian Press

Pearman, E.D. (1998) Doorways to the soul: wisdom tales from around the world, Pilgrim Press

Gersie, A and King, N. (1990) Storymaking in education and therapy, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Briggs, K (1991) A dictionary of British Folktales parts A & B, Routledge

Campbell J. (nnnn) Historical atlas of world mythologies

WWF and Black, A.C. (nnnn) The green umbrella

Thompson D. (nnnn) The people of the sea

Hopkins, R. (2008) The Transition Handbook

Wheatley, M. (nnnn) Turning to one another: simple conversations to restore hope to the future.

Elgin, D (nnnn) Voluntary Simplicity

Brooker, C (2004) The seven basic plots: why we tell stories

McIntosh, A (2001) Soil and Soul

Bettelheim, B (1976) The Uses of Enchantment

Berry, T. (nnnn) The Great Work

Macy, J. (nnnn) Coming back to life

George, J (nnnn) My side of the mountain

Elpel, T. (nnnn) Primitive life, Self sufficiency and survival skills

Jafue, N and Zeitlin, S (nnnn) The cow of no colour: peace stories and riddle tales from around the world. Henry Holt and Co inc

Abram, D. (1997) The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a more-than-human world, New York Vintage

Paley, V G (nnnn) The boy who would be a helicopter

Lang, A. (nnnn) The blue fairy book

Holland K C (nnnn) The Old Stories

Bloom, B and Biet, P (nnnn) A cultivated wolf

Spufford, F (nnnn) The boy that books built

Rich et al (nnnn) What matters to children

Chatwin, B (nnnn) songlines

Wordsworth, W. (nnnn) The Prelude

Sher, B. (1998) Self esteem games that make children feel good about themselves, John Wiley & Sons Canada

Boal, A (2002) Games for actors and non-actors., Routledge New YorkUSA

Sunderland, M (2000) Using storytelling as a therapeutic tool with children, Speechmark Oxon UK

McVickar Edwards, C (1991~) The storytellers Goddess, HarperSan Fransisco

Cornell, J (1998) Sharing nature with children 1 & 2, Dawn

Gershie, A (1992) Earth Tales, Green Print

Rosen, M (2007) South & North, East & West, Walker Books

MacLellan, G (1995) Talking to the Earth, Capall Ban

Flannery, T (2002) The Eternal Frontier: an ecological history of North America and its people, London Vintage

Nabham, G.P. (1997) Cultures of habitat: On nature, Culture and story, Washington Counterpoint

Roszak, T. and Gomes, M. E and Kanner, A.D (1995) Ecopsychology: restoring the earth, healing the mind, San Francisco Sierra Club

Strauss, S (1996) The Passionate Fact: Storytelling in Natural History and Cultural Interpretation. Golden CO Fulcrum

Nanson, A (2005) Storytelling and Ecology: Reconnecting Nature and People through oral narrative. Reading Sofiety for Storytelling (sfs)

Louv, R (2005) Last child in the woods: saving our children from nature deficit disorder, Algonquin Paperbacks

Ward, J (2008) I love dirt. 52 activities to help you and your child discover the wonders of nature, Trumpet books

Hodgson, J and Dyer, A (2003) Let your children go back to nature, Capall Ban

Kindred, G (2004) Earth Wisdom, Hay House

Snyder G (1990) Practice of the Wild, Counterpoint

MacLellan G. (2007) Celebrating Nature, Capall Ban

Tufnell, M and Crickmay, C (2004) A Widening Field: journeys in body and imagination, Gance Books

4 thoughts on “Top 75 Books on Sustainability and Storytelling

  1. For a book about how to make a message stick through storytelling, simplicity, unexpected elements and pulling at emotion, I would suggest adding Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath to your list.

    I’ve reviewed it briefly and made a mind map of it here:

    The Heaths have changed the way I write and think and I warmly recommend their book.

    Roy Grubb

  2. Roy, thanks for this. You have created a really detailed and useful resource with your mind map. I will definitely add the book to my list when I produce it as a document and not just as a blog entry.

    Cheers, Ron

  3. I am fascinated with your site and the information provided. I am, oh, how shall I say it…a more mature college student that has left many years of business experience behind to pursue a career in creative writing and storytelling. Your site has provided me with many good ideas in reading materials, etc.

    Thank you!

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