Wily Coyote

Reading this weeks New Scientist I came across an interesting article about how ants, when faced with a congested route to a food supply, will push other ants onto another route which may well be a longer distance to travel but results in a more efficient overall ‘system’.

I started to think about how we might apply similar, local, knowledge sharing to human situations but couldn’t come up with any really new money making ideas.

Serendipity supplied the answer in yesterdays Times whereby a new dashboard invention, the mini coyote , allows drivers to signal when they spot a mobile speed trap. Although not as truly local a signal as the ants, this method sends it back to a control centre that messages every other mini coyote in the vicinity, with this new intelligence.

Now for this I can think of a money making idea, local residents living on ‘rat runs’ and other routes that attract speedsters should buy their own mini coyotes, set them up on their windowsills and bombard the control centre with a regular signal that a mobile speed trap is by their house and no-one will dare to tear by at more than 30 mph. Much cheaper than speed bumps and far less obtrusive than flashing speed warnings and red tarmac.


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