That’s not a sheep

My wife last week went with the local primary school on a visit to Flag Fen, a reconstruced Bronze Age settlement on the outskirts of Peterborough.

The on-site education officer showed them around the museum letting them see artifacts including broken swords and daggers that were thrown into the wet fens as votive offerings to their gods more than 3000 years ago. Outside they were shown ancient breeds of brown sheep which some of the kids would not believe were real sheep because they weren’t white like the ones “on the telly”.

Not quite a Sensemaker Project, but very revealing all the same, the children at the end were asked “what bit of the visit they had enjoyed the most?” and I have great pleasure in reporting that almost all of them said “it was the bit where they sat around a log fire in the Bronze Age roundhouse and were told stories”. Lets just hope this pattern stays with them as much as it did with me.


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