Hexagon Scissorhands

I still believe that hexagons are essential to the Cognitive Edge Workshop experience. Those large heaxogonal post-its leave a lot to be desired, are obscenely expensive and only really work when you are in a proper training room environment with lots of white boards or clear walls. The new ‘cognitive edge’ small post-it hexagons are much better especially for ‘table top’ exercises such as ‘butterfly stamping’. My solution was to bulk buy 5″ by 3″ index cards in three colours and cut the four corners off in such a way that they produce a slightly elongated hexagon.

The big benefit of these is that you can use them in almost any environment as they can be ‘played’ like playing cards on carpets, on tables and are very easy to shuffle before looking for patterns. They also collect up at the end very simply and with a rubber band can be handed over to the client as part of the final outcomes. Together with a boxful of Sharpie pens they are also the perfect size to photograph for capturing the interim stages of the process.

A facilitator friend of mine gave me a great tip of sticking strips of double sided sticky tape every three inches vertically down flip chart paper in advance of a workshop. When the groups have completed their exercise all you do is strip away the second protective paper and you can stick the cards nicely on the paper. Just remember this is a permanent step and never role up the paper before it is photographed.

My only problem now is that I used to have very friendly assistants in our photocopy section back at Enlglish Nature who used to guiletine these cards in bulk for me (Thanks John and John), but now that I have left, I am back to handcutting these, ten at a time, using household scissors hence my new affliction, involving very sore thumbs – Hexagon Scissorhands.


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