Assumptions shattered


Anyone else out there beginning to get a little doubtful about their understanding of what living on earth is all about.

Not one but two articles in the current New Scientist cast doubt on what I thought were basic assumptions:

First an article by Marcus Chown that suggests we may be living in a hologram not a physically solid environment after all. I have had these discussions about ‘the Matrix’ with my dad before and how scientists cannot explain how all matter is made up primarily of nothing but empty space. Well a hologram explains that nicely, If Captain Picard on Star Trek ever analysed a table on the holo-deck he would find nothing there but his hand could not pass through it. This also fits the Goldilocks theory “that everything on earth is just right” for living on the earth: gravity, carbon dioxide content, heat from the sun, radiation – all explained away nicely if we are all holograms.

Second a review of two new books “Supersizing the brain” and “Out of our heads” that explore the location of ‘the mind’ in the body which is now thought may be “smeared over more space than neuroscience would have us believe”.

Heavy stuff. I subscribed to the New Scientist to increase my knowledge not undermine it.


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