Random notes

A new craze is spreading like fire, or at least like a chain letter, on Facebook–“25 Random Things About Me.” But it can be an interesting exercise, less mundane than it may seem at first. Here’s the list I posted at my page:

When I was eleven I started bagpipe classes but gave up after four lessons of boring scales on a chanter.

For my final degree project I had to map the geology of an area of the Southern Uplands in Scotland but my map was polo shaped because the farmer in the middle didn’t like my long hair.

The first time I went to Reading pop festival my friend Brian and I drank so much on the first afternoon that we slept through the first nights bands.

A seagull in Sunderland high street once pooped on me but just caught my glasses. when I took them off to see what had happened I though that my eye had popped out.

My feet are completely flat, I have no arches and had to wear plastic insoles for a painful final four years at school.

I looked like Mike Reid the DJ in my teens and once had an entire bus singing “Mike Reid, Mike Reid 275 and 285” all the way into town.

I was once mistaken for Don Airey then the keyboard player in Rainbow by the butcher in Presto but I refused to sign my autograph on his apron – sorry Don.

about ten years ago I slipped on the stairs while carrying my disco lights and rather than break them used my elbow as a brake all the way to the bottom. I broke my elbow and had 13 weeks off work.

I helped to design and develop the Gaming Machine Licensing system based at the Custom House in Greenock.

My name was once added as a solution on the David Milliband “solutions board” at DEFRA when he was Environment minister.

I went to a school where rugby was compulsory but I don’t think I ever made a tackle.

I first called myself a knowledge ecologist as a joke for a conference application but the interest it generated made me use it as a serious job title.

Over my lifetime I have travelled the entire coastline of Great Britain to within 20 miles of any point.

Despite having hair down to my waist in 1977 I was pogoing in the front row of the first north-eastern appearances of the Jam, The Clash and the Damned.

My favourite curry is Chicken Dhansak.

The first pint I ever bought in a pub cost two shillings and threepence which probably means it was very illegal.

I do all the cooking One of my earliest memories of camping was a family holiday in Wells Next the Sea where it rained so much other campers were circling the tents in their canoe.

I have only been on holiday abroad once and that was a school skiing trip when I was twelve. I prefer the British coast.

My favourite destination is Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.Every few months it starts to call me back.

I hate egg white, celery, cucumber, beetroot and jelly, separately or together.

One of the highlights of my working lfe was being introduced to the water-buffaloes at Chippenham Fen by my now friend Kevin.Google images still brings up a picture of them when you google my name.

I have only ever driven Vauxhall Astras. I have had four now and even our work pool cars were Astras. Once bitten forever smitten.

I only read non-fiction, despite my interest in stories and storytelling.

Screaming Lord Sutch once grabbed me and empied a watering can over my head during a gig at Sunderland Polytechnic.


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