High Street Stores take Apis

While the Government and Research Councils announce £10 million being spent on research into the worrying decline in bee numbers I spotted this killing device for sale in the ’99p store’ in Watford at the weekend.
wasp catcherThe packaging, in the shop for this horrible little product actually describes it as a ‘bee killer’ not wasp killer as on the 99p store website.

And if you are thinking this is just an isolated product and “thats not a major store so we shouldn’t treat this as a threat”

take a look at the following:

selection of traps and even a selection from John Lewis .

Just where is the research that allows them to say that these are ‘bee friendly’ when a store like roullierwhite declares that “as bees are unable to fly directly up, they will not be caught by the trap”.

Surely bees are able to walk into such traps?

Surely it is time to ban such traps and all the pathetic insect killing gadgets like electrified tennis rackets that are currently available and re-educate people on the benefits of insects in our gardens.


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