The Conservation Dilemma

Looking for blog posts on ‘complex adaptive systems’ I stumbled upon the an absolute honeypot of ideas, articles and explanations of the complex. Called the Emergent Fool and serendipitously styled using the same wordpress template as this one I will be working through the past two and a half years of blog entries, in order, as the blog site itself recommends.

Amongst all the really interesting material I came across this absolute gem of a blog which references an article in the Boston Globe about the story and consequences of conservation in a number of countries. The dilemma featured I am absolutely familiar with as it was a constant theme in all my efforts to collect and compile oral histories around nature reserves in particular that of Aston Rowant NNR which once was encircled with wire and patrolled by a Nature Conservancy wardon who shooed away local children. Read the article and enjoy…


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