My upcoming workshop in London

Having recently joined the Centre for Narrative Leadership I have offered to run the first of a series of evening workshops based around the use of narrative. Geoff Mead who runs the centre has issued the following ‘open to all’  invite. I will be sharing the usual mix of stories and ideas, liberally seasoned with hexagons and oxytocin. Please feel free to come along, just let me know if you are intending to attend so that we can manage the numbers:

The first of the Centre for Narrative Leadership series of London-based workshops takes place on Monday 7th September from 6.30pm – 9.30pm at Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2JB.

Please come if you can, bring a colleague or friend and let other people know.  The cost is £15 (payable by cheque or cash on the night). It would help if you can let me (or Ron) know by email in advance if you are coming.  See our website for others in the series.  Hope to see you there.

Knowledge Ecology Workshop details:

Why do we feel the need to ‘manage and control’ everything. In nature these two terms are meaningless. In nature, process and behaviours are attracted around naturally occurring patterns. So why don’t we learn from this and work with nature not against it. Storytelling, stories and communities all co-evolved thousands of years ago together with the necessary neurological, cognitive and social processes.

In this workshop we will unwind all the abstract wrappings of modern consultancy, management and business practices to reveal what we once had but have now forgotten and look at how best you can add this line of thought to your own approach to narrative.

Workshop Leader: Ron Donaldson,  Knowledge Ecologist. Ron worked for English Nature for 21 years through a variety of Computing and Knowledge Management roles. He is a certified  Cognitive Edge practitioner having used their narrative based methods for the last ten years. An experienced conference speaker, facilitator and trainer, he became an independent consultant last year and has recently become a trainer in TRIZ the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

Geoff Mead MBA PhD,
Director, Centre for Narrative Leadership


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