An interesting and very amusing article by David Wong called “What is the Monkeysphere” over on that I had not seen before about how so much of how our behaviour and understanding of the world emerges from ‘simple’ limitations of the human brain.

I particularly like the unfathomly named TRY plan at the end especially:

train yourself to get suspicious every time you see simplicity. Any claim that the root of a problem is simple should be treated the same as a claim that the root of a problem is Bigfoot. Simplicity and Bigfoot are found in the real world with about the same frequency. So reject binary thinking of “good vs. bad” or “us vs. them

UNDERSTAND that there are no Supermonkeys. Just monkeys. Those guys on TV you see, giving the inspirational seminars, teaching you how to reach your potential and become rich and successful like them? You know how they made their money? By giving seminars. For the most part, the only thing they do well is convince others they do everything well.

Some great insights wrapped up in a very tongue in cheek sense of humour.


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