Free, yes free, ebook on Applied Storytelling

A Storied CareerHot of the press (does that phrase have any relevance these days) The free, 88-page, illustrated downloadable PDF e-book, Storied Careers: 40+ Story Practitioners Talk About Applied Storytelling, is now available.

Completely free, no catches, this book is a compilation of interviews including one with yours truly and can be downloaded now here.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • CHAPTER 1: Defining Story
  • CHAPTER 2: Origins of Storytelling Passions
  • CHAPTER 3: Storytelling Influences
  • CHAPTER 4: An Explosion of Storytelling?
  • CHAPTER 5: Social-media Storytelling
  • CHAPTER 6: Troubling Uses of Storytelling
  • CHAPTER 7: Transformational Storytelling
  • CHAPTER 8: Storytelling Advice
  • CHAPTER 9: Change Your Story, Change Your Life
  • CHAPTER 10: Storytelling in Relationships, Teams, and Community
  • CHAPTER 11: Story Techniques and Tools
  • CHAPTER 12: Unexpected Applications of Storytelling
  • CHAPTER 13: Storytelling in Organizations
  • CHAPTER 14: Getting Buy-In for Storytelling
  • CHAPTER 15: Personal Storytelling, Lifewriting, and Memoir
  • CHAPTER 16: The Practice of Storytelling
  • CHAPTER 17: Storytelling in Marketing, Sales, and Branding
  • CHAPTER 18: Storytelling and Career
  • CHAPTER 19: Storytelling in Writing and Communication
  • CHAPTER 20: The Future of Storytelling
  • Directory of Practitioners: Photos and Contact Info


  1. Ron, as ever, thank you for the link to the book – trying to focus my mind on three research areas over the next 12 months: Attitudinal Development; Evaluation and Storytelling.

    Would be nice to see you f-2-f when we can but for now will continue to converse in our ‘virtual spaces’


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