Chance and Fate

By following chance and fate I have found myself stepping into and occupying many different worlds at the same time. Worlds of storytelling, engineering, facilitating and Knowledge Management to name but four. Each of these fascinating places have their own ‘circle of coherence’, their own world views, their own characters and characteristics but the longer I spend in each the more I start to notice surprisingly similar patterns emerging. The rituals and practices of each can look so very different as an outsider but inside they tase and smell so very familiar.

My grandmother, Polly, once warned me “never to taste the food or drink the wine when in these other worlds or else you may not be able to return” but I have regularly ignored this advice and have found something of myself in each, hopefully left some spark to ignite a flame in each while inadvertently become a bridge, a traveller, of sorts between these wonderful places.

This week I have visited all four of the worlds in quick succession and after the briefest acclimatisation, almost like adjusting to the pressure difference when diving, I have met some amazing people, learned so many new things and thought so many new thoughts as my ageing brain tries desparately to catch up and pattern, connect and make sense of all these divergent stimuli.

A point of convergence came, at the weekend, while standing silently on a path on the North Pennines absorbing the stillness of an amazing landscape, watching and waiting to see what might show itself and we might find while trying to suppress the instruction that “if we waited long enough, we might just find ourselves”.


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