Facilitating facilitators

All day Monday we spent exploring present, past and future of Narrate, a company I have been working with as an associate for almost a year. Given that all but one in the room was C0gnitive Edge accredited we gave the nightmare job (and poisoned chalice) of facilitating us to our good friend Richard Hare.

My sincerest apologies to Richard for constantly chipping in with additional ideas, constraints, methods, summations etc etc but he did a sterling job letting the energy and conversation flow naturally and the learning and insights emerge without, force or interpretation by traditional consultancy methods. Facilitating facilitators is not only hard to say but unenviably hard to do.

We used Future Backwards with  a much greater quantity of shared heaven and hell hexagons that we naturally patterned and discovered some interesting themes for the ‘ecosystem’ that is Narrate. We then plotted these on a different wall using a technique called ‘Boundary Negotiation’ whereby we separated drivers from outcomes.

Concentrating first on the drivers we used a sequential echnique called ‘X-3-5  Idea collection’ and quickly amassed many great actions that we could take to ‘improve’ our drivers. [These last two techniques I learned only last week as part of my work with a company called Argenta]

Finally as time was now extremely tight we plotted all the emergent actions on the cynefin framework in an effort at least to diagnose just how we can best take some of these forward.

A hugely productive and highly enjoyable day made all the more exciting by an endless supply of fruit, food, snacks and drinks.


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