Tales to Sustain Part 2 – The People

Tales to Sustainers 2009

By far the most inspiring aspect of an event like this is the people that you meet. As I said previously, I felt greatly honoured to spend time with such wonderful storytellers from such diverse backgrounds and so very different approaches – so briefly from my notes here goes:

David Metcalf of Fire Springs, told us stories, sang songs and played the most exquisite acoustic guitar

Anthony Nanson also of Fire Springs shared with us, around the fire one evening, a dramatic piece from his 2008 book of short tales, Exotic Excursions

Chris Holland brought his Didgeridoo and shared great tales of North European elves on farms. He revealed his new ‘almost entirely self published’ book ‘I Love My World’

Charlene Collison has helped produce a narrative based book on her Town’s Transition Plan which is  a great piece of work. You can download the entire PDF of it here for free.

Malcolm Green the great storyteller and member of ‘A bit of Crack’ based at Newcastle shared a piece of work to develop a tale around a threatened Elm tree near Stockton

Dominic Kelly had us mesmerised with tales of Scottish pubs and ancient seal hunters, and we are all wishing him well with his new piece of dramatic storytelling, The Crow which he is performing at the Cheltenham Literature Festival and was very favourably reviewed in Yesterdays Times.

Katrice Horsley sang, danced and told African stories and has produced a very interesting childrens book and pack on ‘how to deal; with sudden bereavement’ called ‘The small creature’ available for free from the British Heart Foundation.

Finally Jane Flood shared with us songs and stories that ebbed and flowed like the wind blowing around us and I, having bought her most recent story/music CD ‘The Chance Come’ and listened to it in the car mesmerised, cannot recommend it highly enough.

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