Elvis has left the building

My good friend and regular Thursday drinking buddy retired yesterday after more than thirty years continuous service with the Nature Conservancy Council, English Nature and then Natural England, Despite his academic background of Politics and Russian he became a leading light in Freshwater Policy and is highly regarded for his stirling efforts in making Special Sites of Scientific Status legislation work in practice.

On Thursday afternoon I went back to the Peterborough Office along with a heavy weight gathering of long retired scientists, directors and the odd CEO or two demonstrating just how highly thought of David and his work had been.

David smiled amiably while the speeches jibed at his gaseous output and lack of skiing prowess but for me the long list of very positive emails from The Environment Agency showed his real value in organisational relations which I am sure will soon be strongly missed.

Then it was off to the Brewery Tap for pre-show drinks before we hit the Revolution Club where I played ‘Dermot’ and led David, his brother Tony, Michael Coyle on guitar, and our other friend Neil Hailey through a mix of live and karaoke songs to entertain the audience of friends and colleagues. David’s Elvis impressions have been a highlight of every Christmas party for at least ten years.

I then joined fellow DJs Tim and Justin in the DJ Booth for a night of Tag the DJ where we each play records for 15 minutes trying to keep everyone satisfied with our wide range of musical choices. Thanks to Hazel and Tim for tirelessly organising this every year it was another brilliant night ( if I say so myself) and all the profits will go to charities like the Peterborough soup kitchen and St Theresa’s homeless Shelter.

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