Planning for growth

I have just returned from a superb training day entitled ‘Planning for Growth’ aimed at small businesses like myself and delivered completely free by Business Link.

The day was very well structured and delivered admirably by the guys from Hard Hat who certainly know their stuff, and add some great personal anecdotes to the proceedings.

During the day we

  • developed our Elevator pitch
  • worked out our Gross Value Added
  • assessed our Critical Resource Limitation
  • and developed our Break-even and Target Value Added

At the beginning I kept feeling that my approach to business so far has been a bit of a paddle but by the end fully appreciated the great nuggets of advice on Market, Media and Message analysis and I drew up an impressive two year strategy with 90 day action plan and gained some incredibly useful tips advice and new contacts.

I really think this course is an absolute necessity to anyone in a business, small or large and as it is completely free does not impinge on your overheads.

Most memorable example of a business that diversifies during times when it cannot deliver its prime business was West Ham United which is itself a very TRIZ example of something that is sometimes one thing and at others another. The hospitality boxes can be booked away from match days as hotel rooms, pull in a double bed and instantly a room with an amazing view – brilliant. (No jokes about not being able to score from me)

executive box - hotel room with a view


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