Paws for thought

On Sunday morning I went for a walk along the beach at Chapel St Leonards on the Lincolnshire Coast (just above Skegness) with my friend David primarily for him to revisit and photograph a childhood holiday location. Walking along the beach watching birds, observing and discussing sand dune erosion we came upon what looked at first like exposures of a rocky wave cut platform which on closer inspection turned out to be heavy blue-grey clay. I presumed ( think rightly) this to be post-glacial boulder clay and it contained a lot of woody vegitative material.

Remembering a recent program on the coastal revealing of human footprints on a similar clay exposure I started to scour the strangely moonlike beds until I found this, and no before you even suggest it, I didn’t make it with a bit of stick.

Am I a committing typical business consultancy behaviour in finding exactly what I am looking for and first fit pattern matching, did someone draw this  in the clay the previous day or is this evidence of some large clawed beast that prowled the area 20,000 years ago?


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