Converging nicely

My career path is finally starting to converge nicely after many experiments and diverging activities.

My interests in creativity, facilitation and problem solving are now being satisfied by my becoming an associate of Argenta-europ. Having spent five wonderful days in a gite in the Loire Valle meeting the team, learning new methods and developing a business plan we normed, stormed and formed whilst defining our niche as :

  • designing and facilitating boosters
  • developing and supporting company internal change agents
  • helping companies manage innovation

Our new bright and breezy website will be up shortly

As luck would have it I sped straight from here, by way of a Butlins Rock Festival to meet up with the New Team at Narrate where I am also now an associate. Here we have great plans to run narrative based projects where possible using SenseMaker and met up with Steve and Michael from Cognitive Edge for an extremely useful top-up of what SenseMaker can do.

My environmental/storytelling interests (apart from an up and coming brownie jamboree and a possible ‘hedge story project’ – Cognitive Hedge?) will be primarily connected with the Tales 2 Sustain group of passionate storytellers I first met at Cae Mabon and then The North Pennines last year. I have just accepted an invitation to spend four days in a tipi in Somerset this September telling stories round a fire.


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