Alping me remember

photo: Ron Donaldson

Flying back from Milan on Saturday after two very successful anecdote circle workshops I was lucky enough to get a window seat. The skies cleared as we passed over the Alps and I took loads of photos like the one above. I suddenly remembered a final year project I had to do on the ‘Structural Geology of the Alps’ at Sunderland Polytechnic for my degree in 1979.

At the time there was barely any published research and what I could find, was the densest most complicated texts I have ever read. Flash forward to today and the web is awash with explanations, maps and cross sections even a wikipedia page. I particularly like this introduction site from Leeds University.

Its nice to see the theory of plate techtonics has survived as it was just a theory when I were a lad. The kids these days have it so easy, in my day we had to map geology from inside a carboard box, in the gutter. Happy thoughts.


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