Why oh why do we still have targets

Now I know this is a big claim but this is the most paradigm shifting video I have ever seen. I am trying to write an article summarising the problems with targets and measurement (see below) when I found this video of John Seddon and sat mesmerised at the amount of common sense he shares. Its an hour long but trust me, get a pen and make notes then buy the book. If only I had known this stuff two years ago I could have enjoyed my final months working in the Civil Service so much.



  1. Hi Ron,

    It’s certainly a very informative (and sometimes funny) video. My colleague Mireille Jansma discovered it a year ago and we’ve showed it on occasions to several audiences internally in our company (which is a bank!). In the last sessions some people exclamated: “Are our managers also going to see this???”.

    There is another video on VIMEO, slightly shorter, where John Seddon explains how it all started with Vanguard and the influences on systems thinking, whilst he again explains what is going on with the abuse of target setting and lean.

    Recommended: http://www.vimeo.com/10278907


    Jurgen Egges

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