Can you tessellate octagons?

I like to think that my hand-cut hexagons help make the experience of a facilitated workshop more home-grown. I have demonstrated their use in numerous anecdote circles and future backwards workshops and I am always flattered to find their use in diverse and unusual circumstances. I made one friend, lets call him Richard, at a workshop/talk to the MSc students at the Met Universty in London and he graduated and went off to Copenhagen as a consultant . I have followed his progress with pride on Twitter and found a collection of his workshop photos up on Flickr. I know I shouldn’t find this as funny as I do but in my defence I can only say that I must have omitted to explain how the hexagon tessellates.

There is something much more organic and less ordered to this approach. Sorry Richard, I owe you a drink for this.


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  1. You certainly owe me a drink 🙂 And yes, it is true that the cutting of stacks of hexagons is far more complicated than it seems at first hand. None the less, Future Backwards is a great technique to create various scenarios and to let people share knowledge in small groups.

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