Transition Inspiration

How on earth have I missed this? Surfing through all my storytelling connections I fell upon the Transition Culture blog by Rob Hopkins the author of  The Transition Handbook and inspiration behind Transition Towns. The blog is a wealth of ideas and connections, I highly recommend it. Highlights for me include the wonderful list of essential reading, a great collection of inspirational videos and this wonderful piece of prose:

When I lived in Ireland, I once met an elderly gentleman who told me that he grew up in an old cob house in Limerick which had a huge inglenook fireplace, designed, a la Newgrange, so that on one day in the year, the sunlight came down the chimney and lit up the whole hearth, alerting you to the fact that that was the day to plant your potatoes.

What a vivid description of living in-tune with the environment. Rob, your blog just went to the top of my RSS list.

Finally as if that wasn’t enough for a single posting there is also a great free download PDF Study Guide Companion to ‘The Transition Handbook’ here.

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