What’s the matter, love?

Loving all this latest theorising on the presence or absence of dark matter, dark energy and dark flow and just today the possibility of mirror matter, spatial reflections of ordinary matter.  Last night I watched the latest Horizon on BBC (Most of our universe is missing) explain that Cosmologists are now knowing less and less about how the cosmos was formed, what it is made of  and how it holds itself together.

I think the answer will come from complex systems theory and that the forces, matter and energy will be emergent archetypal properties of the universe not physical material objects. If you study a family, what holds it together is love. For flocks of birds it is the safety in numbers. Examine an Organisation and it is the trust. Jealousy can repel with a far greater power than magnetism.  Each of these forces is invisible, has no impact on a disconnected observer but has a huge power of attraction to those within that system/sub-system.

I have never been that religious and my scientific upbringing was beginning to disappoint me with its lack of hope for the future, but finally science, with its possibilities of vast invisible energy fields, particles that behave in uncertain ways and experts looking completely bewildered is beginning to deliver wonder, amazement and even magic akin to the fairytales, folklore and myths of old. bring it on!


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  1. I love this beautiful article.
    I don’t know clearly about love, but I also feel that love is the greatest power in the known universe – and we may learn to know what is the power in the unknown universe.
    Love on this planet will lead us to knowledge, unity, peace, and from here we may fall into complexity and getting out with more significant progress.

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