I ain’t superstitious but …

Before my full report I just have to post this. The picture above was taken in Wakerley Wood just before I heard my first cuckoo of the Spring. Just a couple of minutes later, gazing into the heights of the trees to catch site of a whitethroat or goldcrest, admirably identified by bird call alone by my friend David, I tripped on a root and landed flat on my face, camera in bits, reputation in tatters and with what now turns out may be a broken wrist or more accurately fractured scaphoid.

What was most disturbing was that I had this strange inclination to google ‘cuckoo’ and ‘unucky’ to find this Middle Ages superstition:

Among the peasantry in some parts of the kingdom, it is considered to be very unlucky to have no money in your pocket when you hear the cuckoo’s note for the first time in the season.

now I don’t like apportioning blame but those of you out there who have been withholding payment of my invoices (you know who you are). I took this one for you.

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