Midnight Jack and the Peaceful Easy Feeling

A wonderful night out last night at the Key Theatre Peterborough where I was dragged along, to make up the numbers, to see Talon, the Eagles Tribute band. Ive never been a real big fan of the Eagles as they were always just that little bit AOR Middle of the Road to me but to give Talon their due they did a marvelous set of the entire Hotel California Album and a quality selection of greatest hits in part 2, my personal favourite was ‘Witchy Woman’ from 1972.

What really made the evening special was the inclusion of Jack Tempchin, flown over specially for just three of the gigs. Jack wrote a number of the Eagles hits and ambled on in the second half like he had come to give us a talk on ‘archaeology with the Time Team’. Jack (or Midnight Jack as he is known in the late night clubs back home)  has a great sense of  ‘how to tell a good story’ and quickly had the audience in raptures over his tales of late night bars, his times with Don Henley, pretty girls he viewed from afar and a great line about

‘1972 being the best year of the sixties’.

Interspersing songs on his guitar and harmonica he gave us the context about how and why the songs were written and that, for me certainly, made each song resonate and connect in a hugely powerful way.

His voice, I hope he’s not offended by this,  is very  ‘Kenny Rogers – like’ but the simplicity of his guitar accompaniment was just perfect and I could have listened to him all night. His biggest song, ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ has now been well and truly ”signified’ in my memory having been played once solo and as a full ‘Talon’ second encore at the end. A well earned, standing ovation followed. Have a safe journey home Jack and thanks for sharing your tales.


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