Coincidence and Reversal

While in Whitby I picked up a catalogue of Artists in North Yorkshire who will be opening their studios to the public during the summer. Skimming through the pages I was interested in how many artists cite storytelling as an inspiration or integral part of their projects.

One that really caught my eye was FISSURE a project by Louise Ann Wilson a part of the larger and hugely interesting RE-ENCHANTMENT Project. Louise is developing a journey through a dales landscape where participants will encounter live performance and stories. Made in collaboration with artists, neuro-imagers, cavers, archeologists and farmers she is inviting contributions of local stories, myths, folk songs or specialist knowledge.

What really struck me was a single image on her website of the landscape to be story-mapped which is strikingly similar to landscapes that emerge when using SenseMaker Explorer.

Combining and reversing ideas can often generate new thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could hover over the landscape and hear the folksongs or local stories, zoom in on the tweets and facebook statuses down in the valleys or high on the peaks, or uncover dry stone walling techniques long since forgotten.


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  1. Interesting – when I saw the SenseMaker Explorer landscape for the first time a few years ago at an accreditation workshop in London, I thought it was very similar to the landscapes with hyperlinked data I have been working with in forestry and environmental education.
    Today a virtual globe like Google Earth can be used as a presenter of geotagged stories, videos, articles and so on, it is even possible to make narrated tours. Odd that it is not used more for presentation of cultural history.



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