Pop-up pissoir

Just discovered a great new resource. Springwise,  (@springwise on Twitter) has a network of 8000 spotters who scan the globe for smart new business ideas, and post them on their website, delivering instant inspiration to entrepreneurial minds.

I was instantly drawn to this great example of a classic TRIZ contradiction. How can we have nice open areas in town during the day but also supply toilets to prevent indiscriminate weeing in the streets at night. Solution:

Not sure what lady late night revelers are expected to do and also notice that the text reveals there are three urinals per ‘pop-up’, without doors, so this is much more European, pissoir solution. And what do you do if, in full flow, it starts to descend?



  1. That’s a really, really exciting website. The potential for crowdsourcing is magnified greatly by the internet, since ideas can be shared instantly – was just looking at some educational ideas on the front page.

    Not so sure about the urinals though – I’d have thought planting more discreet bushes in inner city areas would have been a better solution 😉

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