Tick tick tick

Arrived in Ljubljana and picked up at the station by David my naturalist friend for the short drive into town. We immediately saw a buzzard drying itself by the side of the road following a torrential downpour two hours earlier.
At the hotel Emonec I met up with Joanna and Jamie so our team of four was complete.
Straight out into the town we crossed the dragon bridge and found a cosy restaurant called Most with seating outside where we discovered the Slovenian phrase for draft beer. Then the stories started, I was joining the trip ten days in and they have already been to Croatia, spotted lots of frittileries and while watching a deer managed to pick up a family of ticks. I will spare you the delicate details of events that followed to remove said beauties but I already have my jeans tucked into my socks.
We then found a riverside cafe that served us large steins of torcheno pivo (draught beer) until one in the morning – how civilised.
Today we are off to the coast at Strunjan.


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