Cliff tops and olive groves

I woke up this morning to find a semi naked man stooped over a plastic dish doing what I thought was a strange cleansing ritual. Turns out the lashing rain had found a way through our patio doors and right across our living area and David was mopping it up.
We set off northwards across the saltpans and after a swift coffee began to climb the steep path up to the cliff top. The rain made the going muddy and the path was the nearest to a cliff edge I have ever seen so we proceeded with care.
Todays highlight list goes something like this:
Golden auriole
Syntomid moth
Olive groves
Female brimstone
Spotted Fritillery
Speckled Wood
Pyramidal orchid

The 80m flysch cliffs
Clouded yellow
Southern small white
Southern white admiral
A very big slow worm
Essex skipper
Spotted fritillery
Silver washed fritillery
Many more exciting species including a 4 inch green lizard on steps back to our apartment.
After a meal at the local restaurant we walked along the coastal path to Piran with its marvelous tower, a couple of lagers on the shore of the Med overlooking what we think might be Venice. Then we ran through the increasingly torrential rain to a Russian restaurant in the harbour for fish soup, grilled sardines and roast potatoes all of which was excellent and well worth the 10 euros.
A taxi from another Russian home we opened a bottle of Slovenian Red wine which slipped down far too easily. Tomorrow we may cross the border into Croatia, weather permitting.


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