Peat bogs and meadows

A quick walk around the old town of Ljubljana and the amazing fruit stalls of the market with their figs, olives and some unidentified larger fruit. We set off for a few of David’s favourite localities.
First up was the peat bogs south of the city, reputedly the most southerly in Europe.
If you thought being with one naturalist was useful I had three experts all able to identify everything the over excited Donaldson could find. Jamie and his wife Joanna run an organic farm on Anglesey and their expertise in plants is of the highest calibre.
So to a quick list we saw:
Clouded Yellow
Meadow Brown
Grasshopper Warbler
Large Skipper
Beautiful Demoiselle

Common skippers
A curlew mobbing a marsh harrier
Blue chasers
A roe deer bounding across the marsh
Tree pippet
Black cap
Small copper
Banded agrion
Emerald chaser
Hawker – yellow and green Aeshena
Small heath
Painted lady

From here we travelled south off the very flat Fen like land into the mountains where David knows the most amazing meadows I have ever imagined. Awash with flowers, orchids and so many insects and butterflies. We saw:
Spotted orchids
Orange lily
Woodland Brown
Pearly Heath
Duke of Burgandy Frittilery
Humming bird hawk moth
And a whole lot more but they made me stop taking notes so that I could fully enjoy the experience.
From there we drove down to the coast to Strunjan where we have hired an apartment for three nights so we can explore this Mediterranean habitat more fully.
A walk across the salt pans on the evening to the Lambada restaurant turned into an adventure when after a lovely meal that included baby octopus salad starters we had to find our way back in the pitch black. Lightning from over Italy illuminated our path and we needed the red wine nightcap on the balcony by the time we got home.


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