coffee and white brandy

Yesterday morning it really was tipping it down. We had already decided to visit Croatia so we packed our walking shoes and were off.
First stop was Novigrad where it was still pouring so we ran into a very traditional coffee shop/bar by the church and had coffee with white brandy chasers. The rain eased so we had a quick look around but sightseeing is not for naturalists so we were quickly away searching for characteristic habitats.
Just I land we spotted a woodland glade and we were off:
Nightingale singing
Pearly heath
Lulworth Skipper
Large chequered skipper
Wood white
Knapweed frittilery

Possibly a Weavers fritillery (all look the same to me)
Adonis blue
Echers blue – female (cmon not from this distance)
Cardinal female
Violet Frit
Olivaceous warbler rattling in the undergrowth
And lots more
For lunch we bought baguettes from this fabulous bakers with chocolate croissant bun things to die for.
We travelled back to the coast for these to Savudriga I think, northern tip of the Croatian coast.
Then we were back in real Karst landscape in the hills facing Piran where the limestone is exposed as very sharp angular blocks shining white amongst the flower rich grasses and shrubs.
A small disused church caught my eye but inside it alone was too much like the Blair Witch project so I was out quick as possible.
Highlights here were a pair of bee-eaters on the wires above us. A painted lady (on holiday from Africa David assures me) and the biggest and most photogenic bush crickets I have ever seen.
Phone calls from both children made this a Fathers day to remember and my first ever time out of the European Union.
Dinner at a local hostelry was mixed meat grill – I still can’t face the squid and random fish parts with a complimentary spirit full of redcurrents which made our eyes water.
Off to the Alps this morning when Joanna and David return from their daily swim. Chow.


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