Meadows and more meadows

We arrived at our apartment in Kranska Gora after an amazing string of 50 numbered hairpin bends taking us through the Nrsic Pass with the most amazing mountain scenery I have ever seen.
The town is primarily geared up for winter skiing but looks so new and fresh with its vibrant coloured buildings and an assortment of restaurants and hotels.

Today (Tues) we made a packed lunch and walked west along the river towards Italy which is only a few km.
A few butterflies obliged but the sun became weak and overcast and we saw hardly anymore for the rest of the day. First off was a tip-off location David had been sent where. In a clearing in the wood we found the elusive Lady Slipper Orchid and then proceeded to find another three nearby but none were flowering much to our disappointment.
We then walked to a small lake in the Zalenci Natura 2000 nature reserve which is the source of the river Sava Dolinka which flows from here to the Black Sea. The turquoise blue water with bubbling water and brown trout was an amazing sight. We then walked as far as Ratece where water dropped will divide and part flow thru Italy and part thru Slovenia. After a well earned lager and lunch we walked up to the ski jumping centre and saw the current World record jump position.
Walking back from here we walked through alpine meadow after meadow, each so rich with diversity and colour that it was hard to believe that we were not in a market garden. We saw every alpine flower our garden centre back hope stocks, more than six species of orchid but surprisingly few butterflies probably because the temperature had dropped so much.
Sore feet but a camera full of exciting pics, I just about made the long trek back and our regular teatime red wine was well worth waiting for.
Tomorrow David’s Slovenian friends are coming to take us out into the alps to see some of their favourite locations so the excitement only mounts…


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