Follow the Few

Love this piece of Twitter advice on the ambitiously titled “This is an awesome website” which is that you should:

Follow the few to get to the many

In it Valdis Krebs tells us to:

build a small, yet efficient, group that reaches out into the many diverse information pools we are interested in

I love this idea of reverse engineering all the lessons we tell people about how networking works. Certain people are great knowledge brokers and we should therefore find the ‘best’ one in each of the areas we are interested in and follow them, not just everyone we know.

Turns out I am following 201 people and 150 is the optimum, no doubt based on the tribal sizes found in Bronze Age Britain, emergent from the number of slots we can hold name, role and perhaps face recognition (in my case I can only recognise about 45 faces).

The latter part of the blog post lists some great tools for analysing your personal twittersphere. I havent yet tried them but I intend to and the mention map and twiangulate are yelling at me to have a go.


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