Inside Knowledge

The final word on KMUK 2010 from Kate Clifton is published in the current edition of Inside Knowledge magazine.

The benefits of appearing early mean that I was included in Kate’s overview and I am greatful as ever for her kind and encouraging comments.  If nothing else, Kate has given me an option for my epitaph

possibly the most effective use of PowerPoint by a presenter

Ironically I was this time hoping to do my talk without any visual aids but having opted for a practical based session on building a storytelling toolbox, felt I should illustrate it with examples.

I must share a previous encounter with Kate. A few months ago I started an interesting chain of events:

  • I blogged about two articles about outcome measurement in the Times
  • David Gurteen tweeted this
  • His tweet was added to his daily quotation for a few days
  • David then added it to his April monthly Knowledge newsletter

The power of the Gurteen KM cluster accessing my blog took my blog statistics through the roof. I had comments to reply to, my blog was appearring on popularity lists and sites all over the place. Finally the sudden burst of energy was spotted by Kate of Inside Knowledge magazine who phoned and asked me to do an article, summarising the blog post.

Interestingly I did not set out to catch David’s eye, to be provocative or to express an extreme opinion, simply to keep my blog interesting and capture my thoughts as I have them.

Anyway, the article,  “A blind pursuit – questionning the use of targets in a world that has been taught that if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed” can be found in all its glory here.


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