Human kind understanding itself

My favourite TV programme at the moment has to be the wonderful ‘Rev’ which stars Tom Hollander (pictured above) as Adam, an inner city reverend.  Now I am not at all religious, but I am fascinated by religion, religious buildings and in particular religious stories and until now could never really articulate why, but in last weeks episode of Rev the Archdeacon asks  “What exactly do you stand for Adam?” and Adam replies:

I take a literal and critical view of the scriptures as divine inspired but not inerrant.

I see the bible as a metaphor. It’s a brilliant record of human kind coming to understanding itself. It’s a really good attempt at some very big questions, but it wasn’t divine dictated, it was written over many hundreds of years…”

Thank you, interrupts the Archdeacon “Ive been baptised not lobotomised”.

If only all religious leaders made as much sense as Adam I am pretty sure the religious buildings would still be the central pivot of our local communities. I remember the priest that married us asking about our beliefs and when I said  that “I wasnt sure” he gave a very similar response to the above and also described the times when he had his own personal doubts.

The final episode is on BBC2 tomorrow evening in which I know Adam has a crisis of faith. I cant wait to see it.

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