Myths & Legends of Records Management

Continuing my association with Northumbria University you (anyone involved in Records and Info Mgt) may be interested in a couple of workshops coming up later this month involving anecdote circles and emergent themes/archetypes:

Storytelling: records and information management myths and legends

You are invited to attend a storytelling event run by Continued Communication, a Northumbria University led action research group. We are running two storytelling sessions for separate groups in central London (British Library Conference Centre) on Monday 20th September 2010:

2.30-5pm – Afternoon Session  OR  6-8 pm – Evening Session

The purpose of the event is to build narrative views of the world of records management through developing short group and individual stories. We hope to capture and convey some of the values and benefits of information management and the RIM profession. Stories will be recorded and with participants’ individual permission will be posted onto the Continued Communication website that is currently under development. The event will be facilitated by Storyteller and Cognitive Edge Practitioner Ron Donaldson. Here is a link to one of Ron’s storytelling events

Elizabeth Lomas (Continued Communication and Northumbria University), Peter Heywood (Development coach and consultant), and James Lappin (Thinking Record), will be assisting Ron – it should be an interesting and fun event.

If you would like to come along and take part then please let Ron know which session you would prefer to attend.

Elizabeth Lomas
Northumbria University


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