Memories of the ‘holiday camp’

It has been two years since I left my full time job at English Nature and meeting up with my work buddies for a colleague’s funeral had us all recalling happy memories of happy times. Carol, who I sat opposite for many years and shared so many jokes and stories and definitely kept me sane, passed away at the end of August. At a packed crematorium we heard personal anecdotal recollections from her sister, daughter and husband. The stories painted a vivid and memorable picture in our minds, and I loved her husband’s comment that he didn’t actually think she worked but instead “went to a holiday camp each day, all those team-building events and days out on nature reserves”.

I had been thinking again recently about the futility of working full-time when you really don’t know what hand you will be dealt in old age. So with usual serendipity I stumbled upon this fabulously titled blog ‘far beyond the stars’ and the great posting on ‘27reasons why you should never have a job‘.

My personal five favourites

5. Unlimited vacation.

12. Choose work that excites you.

13. Surround yourself with people you care about.

16. Work on projects which will change the world.

27. Uncertainty keeps you on your toes.


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